Football Thread 10/10 - 14/10



Here’s your containment zone for this particularly egregious shit-show of an international break.


chris martin is the wayne rooney of scotland


prances around empty thread


italics wanker


But Wayne Rooney used to be good


fair enough


From the wire:

Brave legendary new gen Wales embarrassed by some part-timers.

Rep of Ire beat a country I always forget on the Sporcle quiz, thanks to a brace from one of the least enjoyable individuals in the Premiership. Germany will beat the Norn 1-0 again tomorrow.

Netherlands are going to play France! That might be fun, right? Bongo?

Gareth Southgate.





Southgate SG-1


Holland v France tonight.

Robben, Sneijder and Cillessen are all injured.

Expected line-up:

Karsdorp-Bruma-Van Dijk-Blind

7:45 kick-off, live on ITV4


I was coached by Gareth Southgate as a kid. I’m rubbish at football.


looks like we’re getting Brucey! what a Brucey bonus!




Guess the footballer that I’m thinking of!!!


Proper Strootman?


Blind Van Dijk? (also appearing on Later this week)


No, it was Laurent Robert.

Let’s play again tomorrow!



I’m thinking of a footballer again!