Football Thread 10/10 - 14/10

Joseph Desire-Job?

No, it was Jay-Jay Okocha. Better luck next time, thanks for playing!

Fucking hell. Sunday’s games are Middlesborough v Watford and Southampton v Burnley. Can’t they line up something decent after a two week break? Why’s Liverpool v United on Monday? :unamused:

it’s on the monday, the fucks it doing on the monday?!

it’s not all about the big six, man! fucking hell

Middlesbrough vs. Watford, Silks. Middlesbrough vs. Watford.


Flying to Philly when the Monday night game is on. Will probably be happy about that after seeing the result

Everything that’s happened so far this season suggests Liverpool will give you a complete pumping, but it’s an absolute guaranteed 1-0 united win

and if we win…

BBC’s poll about Rooney:

  • Keep as the captain and in the team
  • Remove captaincy, but keep in the team
  • Use him as an impact substitute
  • Back-up to the first team but still in the squad
  • Not in the squad at all

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Would love to hear someone try to justify the use of that fat, slow cunt as an impact sub


anyone saying Rooney should not even be in the squad clearly knows very little about football.

not saying he should start though. he should definitely not start.

They ran that poll during the Malta game. Weirdly in an era where we just ask punters on the street how to run the country, the BBC didn’t even mention the overwhelming result for Team Not In The Team.

LOL Scotland.

We’re pish.

really can’t think of any argument for him being in the squad other than ‘he used to be good’ and ‘he’s played a lot of games’. The experience argument’s a bit silly because
a) he’s never shown any natural leadership
b) he has no experience of any international success (or anything close to it)
c) he isn’t experienced in the position he’s playing

obviously shouldn’t be anywhere near the squad on current performances either

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hold the fucking phone hanshotfirst, we’re worse than that

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I dunno, man. some of those things you’ve mentioned are frankly ridiculous, but I’m not gonna get into a scrap about that. that’s your opinion and that’s fine.

Let’s say on Tuesday we’re 1-0 up with say 15 minutes to go and the ball is flying all over the place. I’d like Rooney to come on then, pick it up off the back four, take the sting out of the game and spray it about a bit. he’s quite good at that, I reckon

Carrick is better at that side of the game, obviously…but that’s for another time

plus also Drinkwater, Henderson, most people who’ve spent their career doing that

Drinkwater is great at the 20 yd chip over the top for Vardy. that’s all he’s got though, imo

don’t even want to get into a debate about Hendo!

Id have had him in this squad. Would’ve dropped him if Kane was fit