Football Thread 6/3/17-10/3/17


West Ham - Chelsea is on Monday.
Arsenal - Bayern and a raft of Championship fixtures is on Tuesday.
Barcelona - PSG and City - Stoke is on Wednesday.
Rostov - United is on Thursday.
Brighton - Derby is on Friday.








Ah up until the 10th. No probs.


I think you’ll find he scored a goal. Martin Olson had a great game at centre back too probs


Oh, right. This is Crooksy’s effort isn’t it? Should have guessed.


Absolute pinger scored at the Clyde vs Forfar game at the weekend.

Skip to around 1min for said pinger.


Bloody hero, literally:


Battle of the mediocre former Premier Leaguers tomorrow evening.

James Harper vs. Paul Konchesky.


Harsh on Paul Konchesky tbh. Was a pretty consistent player for West Ham and Fulham then we absolutely pantsed Liverpool to the tune of £6m. Good lad


Fulham - Leeds is absolutely massive tomorrow. If we lose, the top 6 will probably stay as it is. If we win and reading lose at home to Newcastle, it becomes a proper mess.

@nestor @Matt_was_taken thoughts?


Have we had any ‘Who’s gonna replace Wenger next season?’ chat/predictions

Reckon Koeman could be persuaded from Everton, bring Lukaku & get Bergkamp in as assistant

Any gooners got #opinions on this?


Zlatan and Tyrone Mings hit with a violent conduct charge. Ibrahimovic would miss the FA cup match against Chelsea, and Mings wouldn’t play in games against West Ham, Swansea, Southampton - and maybe more. Bad timing for Bournemouth.

I’m bored of Mourinho’s reaction before it’s even happened.


I’m quite looking forward to seeing Rashers up front. Presuming we don’t play Rooney :frowning:


Just remembered Martin Keown’s rant about Craig Shakespeare being amoral by acting as caretaker manager. He is such a strange man.


Shakespeare probably knocked Keown’s pint over at some point.


Man should be ashamed of self for quite fancying a promotion.


Stinker of a decision that. Zlats is a 100% bad thing. Mings is questionable.

So don’t really understand it.


Mings’ stamp

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Ibra’s elbow

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