Football Thread: Another International Break? Well If You Insist

We’ve been celebrating the return of Ranieri, and we’ve all enjoyed that so much, that the powers that be have decided to re-welcome two more familiar faces from recent Barclays. Yes, the Antonio Conte at Spurs era begins, as we also await the soon-to-be Howe era on Tyneside.

A Friday fixture! Does this fixture even exist? Barely.

  • Southampton
  • Wagons Villa
  • Draw

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Let’s stick the weekend polls on the laterbase.


Friday Night Shite!

Good thread starting tuna, my friend


This was a pun on the TV series Friday Night Lights, it’s not just swearing

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Think 17:30 Saturday is the very earliest you can put the Manchester derby on. Ideally 16:00 Sunday. I’m barely going to get any agonising in.

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Will be nice to have the entire weekend ruined rather than just the Sunday evening for a change.

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I think you will find that it is my weekend that will be ruined, actually.

Well actually I’m going to have a much worse time than you

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I’m afraid the damage is already done.

Have a spare in the away end for Norwich @ Brentford tomorrow if anyone is bored in Norwich tomorrow and fancies laughing at our dismay :smiley:

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

el ghazi should be off twice here

Howe you like me now?

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It’s at Brentford, isn’t it?

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Fulham loanee scoring a worldie for Colchester. Pump it into my veins

Salisu has looked good each of the few times I’ve seen him

Smiths gonna get sacked ain’t he

Yeah reckon so