Football Thread for the next 48 days (fun for all guaranteed)


Remember this? Apparently Zlatan gave his wife a framed picture of it for Christmas


It couldn’t possibly be because his contract’s out quite soon and his agent’s angling for better terms.


He must be such a fucking chore to live with


“The Swede, on red-hot form this season, was once asked what he got his wife for her birthday and replied: ‘Nothing, she already has Zlatan.’”


are City taking over wage haggling threat duties from United? happy to hear it.


For many years now, mate. Love Rakitic, but even as fuck-headed as our DoF is I’m not convinced that attacking midfield is where we’re hoping to strengthen.


I’m a miserable bastard, sure, but i love it when a big transfer rumour gets completely crushed by all parties before it even gets to print. Could see Rakitič being a goer in the summer maybe. He’s the sort of player you’d hate to see go to one of your rivals. Wouldn’t surprise me if we weren’t the only English side in for him. Would fit at Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, could do everything Carrick does. How much is he worth, though? No idea. Only feels like about a year ago people who pretend to watch Spanish football were nudging eachother and winking and claiming he wasn’t far off Iniesta. Gone off the boil a bit since by most accounts. £35m?


Nick Powell’s revenge!


Nice easy trip down the M5 to Home Park for the Wolfs


Sutton must be the ugliest place on the planet


Well, TV companies must be relieved, it’s a big GM Derby at the swamp, so no one will be able to question United being televised again.


Hooray we’re gonna be on the telly!!!


I really thought they’d get drawn away to a Premier League club this time.


4th Round Games Bugduv thinks should be on, but everyone else thinks ‘Meh’…

Sutton/Wimbledon v Cambridge/Leeds
Oxford v Newcastle (if they qualify)
Rochdale v Huddersfield
Derby v Leicester


How do Chelsea draw Brentford at home every round?


Oxford v Newcastle is a proper potential thigh rubber


The luck of the draw has made for some dire ties. Most of (heh) the top clubs at home both rounds so far. Some would argue it’s against the spirit of the cup, and perhaps the clubs wouldn’t be in favour as it could mean less bunse…but a rule whereby a club at a higher level always played away would improve the competition as a spectacle, i think. Reading v United, Peterborough/Brentford v Chelsea, Plymouth v Liverpool would’ve been much more interesting affairs.


I agree but what about Lincoln v Brighton?

I’d have that instead of the Rochdale tie.


Potential risk of having to watch Ipswich.


Cracking finish.