Football Thread for the next 48 days (fun for all guaranteed)


Yeah, brilliant. Keeper didn’t cover himself in glory.


Yeah, interesting decision to kneel down before he’d even hit it.


Newcastle don’t have a great record vs Zola teams. I’m genuinely worried we won’t make it to Oxfordshire.


Paul Merson is a proper bellend and seems to think Thierry Henry is British?

The rant him and Phil Thompson have about Hull choosing Marco Silva is quite xenophobic and nasty. Not to mention ill thought out and just plain thick.


Weird scenea fromJamie OHara tonight


48-team world cup approved, 16 groups of 3. That’ll go up to Group P! Ridiculous.


Will be fucking hilarious when Scotland don’t make it, and will make the source-a-beer-from-each-country-in-the-tournament game more interesting.


Stoke have bit to free Berahino… again. It’s insane how long that’s dragged on for, and it’s hard to tell how good a striker he’ll be once he does eventually move away.


Well Scotland don’t make the 24-team Euros, and the expanded world cup will only have around 16 European sides, so I don’t think it’ll be a surprise when Scotland don’t qualify.


This is obviously bollocks but imagine if they somehow work it so that there’s no more International friendlies/not as many qualification breaks as a result


There must be huge celebrations at Panini head office.

If anyone wants to pinch this for Twitter I will allow it.


Too late, I’ve done it!


Was thinking about workshopping something with an “office celebrations” stock image and some kind of “Exclusive footage of the Panini head office following this morning’s announcement” or something like that. Might get 1 RT and 4 Likes.


This is the new foam hands!


Here’s hoping!


I have liked it - you are up to 2!


Thanks for your support


Are you Richard Osman?


When did he post that, the long streak of piss?


Time’s right there, 9:58AM. Too slow Balonz, too slow.