Football Thread for the next 48 days (fun for all guaranteed)


Operation Rewteets


Not too bad, it's no #StadiumFoamHands but it'll do


Bit weird that Rooney was taken off so early last night. Hope it isn't to keep him fresh for the Liverpool game.


Though he's not really shown any ability to adapt to Premier League level, I still think Depay could be an absolute steal at £15m. Even better for a team in a slower paced league. You'll get a wet turd on a stick for £15m in the current market.


really weird that spurs' full backs seem to be the envy of every team in the league. They're still kyle walker and danny rose!


given he's at united, what would the #allin figure be tho?


pfft thats yesterdays news


yeah, the wages are a problem. reportedly on £90k a week, which he'd have to take a cut on unless he went to China


22m and 15m for him and Schneiderlin would be really good for us. Not quite Chelsea levels of recouping but previously we'd have got about 15m for the both of them


market has gone through the roof, so while we're recouping most of Schneiderlin's fee, in real terms we're probably making a sizeable loss.


Wolves have got a proper showdown with the Lions on Saturday:


Didn't know Millwall were back in the Championship, good for them


Fixed it




Makelele has gone to Swansea


Always seemed like a great lad


Pep pills:


apparently they're after Martin Olsson from us too :open_mouth:


To be fair the crime happened a couple of years ago. He's been pretty good for us (Southend) so far and by all accounts is a 'reformed character'.


Norwich have apparently rejected an offer from us, after accepting a bid of £5 million from Swansea.

Thoughts on him? We seem to be being linked with a few Norwich players.