Football Thread for the next 48 days (fun for all guaranteed)


Olsson? Quietly brilliant international full back, amazed we've kept him this long tbh


Kind of goal I've watched City give away whilst fucking fuming all season.


Good to hear. The general consensus on our forum is he's shit. Bit rich for a Palace fan to think that with our defence.


Lots o missed chances here


Hes no Jordan Amavi


February 2015 to be precise. Also:


Yeah he's a weirdly underrated player, I think just because he's kinda quiet and understated? I dunno, I've always thought he's one of our best players and even Blackburn's before us


and that alleged offence was 4 years ago and he was cleared.

Look, he clearly did a lot of bad things and got mixed up with the wrong people and has a long arrest record with some convictions.

However, all the stories in the last year or two are basically about how he's hit rock bottom, is back home living with his mum, has given up drinking and isn't in touch with his old friends and now he's really focusing on rebuilding his career - so far he's been pretty impressive for Southend and the club statement that was released yesterday echos that.

I'm all for throwing the book at footballers who abuse their position of trust as a role model for (in particular) kids. In this case the real story is if he is able to turn his life around and rebuild his career and stay trouble-free, then he does genuinely become a role model for youngsters in the future who start of like he did (with a tough upbringing and time in young offenders)


Stamford Bridge rebuild, designed by the Bird's Nest peeps

  • Quite like that, actually
  • What a fookin' eyesore



Looks rank in its surroundings but like the design on its own.


Yeah, maybe that's it tbh. The Bird's Nest looks great but in a far more picturesque setting. Dump it there and it might look shite too


Pretty massive day in our history. Obviously there's still a long way to go, and it'll be sad when they tear down the old stands, but I'm absolutely chuffed we're staying in the same spot, especially since we had to fight against the club for it. Bruce Buck said in 2011 that staying at Stamford Bridge was "not an option" - he was sitting in the front row of the hearing yesterday. That's twice now the fans have had to fight to save the ground - and twice won.

I like the design, it's pretty unique and, from the other pictures in the link below, I think it will fit with the surroundings quite well.


Where will the team play when it's being built?

edit: also the side on picture looks good :thumbsup:


Will Wembley still be used by Spurs? If so, Twickenham?


^this is what's rumoured. I can't see them getting permission for Twickenham though - the RFU have struggled to get any additional matches and concerts there with the public transport as it is and with the residents and council so organised.

I can see part of the agreement being that Chelsea pay to rebuild the station.


I think it's a wonderful design, personally. So gothic.

Makes a nice change from the rather identikit stadiums that have been built in the UK over the past 20 years or so.


proper stadiums with proper football them m8


Sub-thread for 'new stadiums that are quite good':

Rotherham - New York Stadium


Looks like a robot's arsehole


I'll take your word on that