Football Thread for the next 48 days (fun for all guaranteed)


Yeah Twickenham and Wembley are the two mooted options. As marckee says the former is unlikely to be approved by local residents so Wembley is more likely. Given the scale of the rebuild (they’ve got to build over a number of train lines) I can’t imagine work will be starting for at least two to three years, so Tottenham may be back at White Hart Lane by then.


From the same architects as Chelsea (and Tate Modern), Bordeaux:


I’ve just had a good think about all the one’s I’ve been to, and with the exception of Rotherham’s, they’re all shit. They’re in shit locations and are mostly completely characterless. Stadium of Light it is in a decent location - only really a 5 or 10 minute hoof from the town centre - but it looks so fucking dreary.


Aaah… The ‘B&Q Superstore,’ as it’s often been likened to.


So Payet has said he wants out of West Ham.

I hope both Sunderland and Hull make £3 million pound bids.


I think this a bit of a gross move on Bilic’s part. He’s the one saying Payet doesn’t want to play, but it’s a belittling move to hang Payet out to dry in front of the press like that. I also can’t imagine this will encourage him to improve his form.

Don’t get me wrong, it seems like Payet has wanted to leave since the end of last season. But now he’ll feel like the manager, the fans, and the media are against him. Don’t see it affecting the harmony of the squad too well either. Bilic has said he isn’t for sale so it seems like we’ll have maybe another Berahino situation? Which has so far worked well for… no one.

Why did Bilic think this was a good idea? Couldn’t he of given the usual diatribe of “he’s currently a west ham player and not for sale and he’s training for the next game” and leave it at that, instead of inviting the circus?

Edit: Oh apparently he’s not training with the rest of the first squad. He probably would have to address it in that case.


I’m biased, of course, but I do think Carrie Road is alright as stadiums go


Thursday’s transfer rumours

Christian Benteke (Crystal Palace) to West Brom
Saido Berahino (West Brom) to Crystal Palace
Ben Gibson (Middlesbrough) to Chelsea
Evandro (Porto) to Hull
Martin Olsson (Norwich) to Swansea
Yerry Mina (Palmeiras) to West Ham
Adam Lallana (Liverpool) to Juventus, Barcelona or PSG
Emre Can (Liverpool) to Juventus
Tom Cleverly (Everton) to Sunderland or Watford
Ross Barkley (Everton) to Spurs
Carl Jenkinson (Arsenal) to Crystal Palace
Patrick van Aanholt (Sunderland) to Crystal Palace
M’Baye Niang (AC Milan) to West Ham
Kostas Manolas (AS Roma) to Arsenal
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal) to Liverpool
Per Mertesacker (Arsenal) to Werder Bremen
Saul Niguez (Atletico Madrid) to Man Utd
Dimitri Payet (West Ham) to Chelsea, Marseille or PSG
Stewart Downing (Middlesbrough) to Crystal Palace
Michael Keane (Burnley) to Chelsea or Leicester
Tiemoue Bakayoko (Monaco) to Arsenal or Liverpool
Robbie Brady (Norwich) to Sunderland or Burnley


I’ll take Adam Lallana to Barcelona please


massive fan of the design. Thank god for that walkway to the tube too.

I’m not a massive fan of the bridge and never have been, really. I’m obviously attached to it for sentimental reasons - have had some great times there and atmosphere can be incredible at times, but it pretty ugly, uncomfortable, still has restricted viewing in some stands, and is a nightmare to leave.


A road trip for just you and him in the van?


Seems a lot of the crying is about collusion so the the final teams play out boring draws so they both progress. But I can’t see how thats possible. Actually, the most obvious way of colluding involves the scenario where all end on 3 points. Eg

A 1 -0 B
A 0 - 4 C

Now any sort of narrow victory for B over C eliminates A. But they shouldn’t have let their wig fall off against C then should they?

The only other way it can happen I think is a high scoring draw, if both earlier games were low scoring ones. Eg

A 0 - 0 B
A 0 - 0 C

Now B and C can happily play out their 1-1 draw.


How does the shootout-if-drawn system change that though?


RIP Graham Taylor :disappointed:

Seemed like a properly good bloke.


The CMs we’re getting linked to (bakayako, niguez) don’t seem to be the type we need (a decade younger carrick replacement - if there is one). We probably need two though either this window or in the summer with schneiderlin being shipped off.


Do we not like that



yeah, seemed to be pretty much universally loved and unfairly tarnished from the England job

also gave us a genius ad

RIP :frowning:


Fuck. Seemed like a good egg.


: (

Not his finest hour (though you could say very few English managers have had a finest hour!) but I recommend anyone who has an interest in Football documentaries watch Do I Not Like That. The style of it has dated but it’s still funny/tragic. Pretty much all of the inspiration for Mike Bassett.


Was just going to post this commentary on it -

Thanks for the memories, Graham.