Football Thread for the Weekend

After Spurs and labmonkey properly Spurs’d themselves last night can’t really see past Mop Top and the petrochemical ladz for the big one now.

Two bald men fight over a comb in Manchester today, and later Swansea are set to pull Ronald Koeman’s pants down and then probably beat them at football.
Tomorrow we get to see the two most respected fan bases in the country have a nice dignified game of association football and I can guarantee there will be no tears.

Also Huddersfield set to lose 6-nil.

Libor Kozak is getting released :frowning:

That’s ok, he’s utter bobbins.

City v Palace has got wigs off/Pep meltdown written all over it.

Either that or 12-0

Only scored 3+ goals three times at home this season. Aguero and Silva out. Not sure.

Yeah but we are down to having Kelly and Delaney as a centre back pairing. Delaney has been a great servant but his legs are gone.

Having Dann, Tomkins and Sakho out could see us going down.

When Hull beat Sunderland and Swansea beat Everton.

The table will be:
Palace 38
Hull 37
Swansea 35

With us having to play Hull and Man United.

Sorry ynot but gotta peg them for the drop. Hull and Swansea definitely play more appealing football imhonesto. Plus, Big Sam.

The be fair we’ve played some really nice football with Big Sam. Read some stats that we’ve played less long balls with him than Pardew.

Swanseas last game is against West Brom. I’d imagine Pulis would love to relegate us. That’s what worries me most.

Don’t talk baws, man. Even if Swansea get 7 points from 9 Palace need only a single draw from three games.

You’re never,ever going down this season, stop droning on about it

I would be confident if we hadn’t got three injured centre backs.

Swansea have a very easy run in and Hull have got us, Sunderland and home to a Spurs when they probably can’t win the league.

I know it’s unlikely, but it’s what we do.

Statistically there’s less than a 1 in 50 chance.

Not worth worrying about.

Mental - West Ham’s win yesterday sent them from 15th to 9th. They’re 2 points closer to 19th than they are 7th.

It was mentioned in the midweek thread, but there’s so much dross in the top flight below the top 7.

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Can’t wait to see how we set up today against a pacey team guaranteed to play on the break. 3-6-1 with Navas at right wing back on the cards.

4-3-3 with Fernandinho at right-back.

Silva risked.

bald catalonian cunt

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do you think he just thinks right backs aren’t a thing?

No Delaney for Palace.

I can’t work out our defence.

One right back, one centre back and two left backs. I assume we’re playing Schlupp at centre back?

Aye…it’s a weird one, but at least no Delaney