Football thread - Magic of the Cup 3rd round edition 🏆⚽️

It’s the FA Cup 3rd round weekend. How exciting!

Today’s televised games:

Millwall v Palace
Hull v Everton
Chelsea v Chesterfield
Swans v Saints
Yeovil v Bournemouth

What will you be watching?

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In going on a Dulwich Hamlet away day to Dartford today before taking in a nice cool pint of FA Cup action as Valley Parade tomorrow as Norwich visit Charlton. A festival of football in the cold wind and rain for your boy.

Btw should probably make the previous thread aware this exists

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Meant to be at Boundary Park but, my Mam & Dad are isolating and I genuinely can’t be arsed so nerr

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Going with my dad to tomorrow’s game against Morecambe. Looking forward to (safe) standing in the South Stand, and hey, Dele might get a game.

Utd vs Villa is obviously game of the round, and can see Villa doing 'em.

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Morecambe manager is missing our game through covid, which is a big shame for him as he apparently played for us a couple of times in the 90s.

Was just thinking Watford at least have Elton John but you don’t see many celebrity Bournemouth fans. They managed to make a long list of, er, three.

Birmingham away today. Shit draw, boring tie, probably lose without even the chance to play one of the big names or Liverpool again.

I like the team Palace have put out.

Edit: yes, no replays.

Going to see Wolves v Sheff Utd tomorrow.

Guessing it was moved by the rozzers because West Brom are at home today. Sunday engineering works on the trains means its going to be a bit of a faff. ACAB.

Strong Palace team and some prospects on the bench. Which only means one thing… 1-0 loss, probably an own goal.

Hashtag positive.

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We’re playing on Monday night? Fuck off

TV details for those of us self-isolating/not wanting to go outside today.


Millwall v Palace - 12:45 ITV
Hull v Everton - 17:30 BBC 1
Chelsea v Chesterfield - 17:30 BBC iPlayer
Swans v Saints - 17:30 BBC 1 Wales/iPlayer
Yeovil v Bournemouth - 17:45 BBC iPlayer


West Ham v Leeds - 14:00 ITV
Cardiff City v Preston North End - 14:00 S4C
Forest v Arsenal - 17:30 ITV


Bumted v Wagons - 19:55 BBC 1




You’ve missed out the most important one!

Cardiff City v Preston North End (S4C, Sunday 2pm)


Love how ITV are desperate to say that Millwall fans are not racist despite audible evidence to the contrary.

Watching the game with my dad. Could have gone, but I’ve been to Millwall a few times and it’s never good. That and trains and covid.

copy and paste ‘all the millwall fans i’ve been have been very decent’ post.


Oh indeed. I have a dear friend who goes to Millwall and she’s lovely. I assume all the horrible ones come bubbling up from the sewers under the ground.