Football Thread - No Euros Chat In Here

Aside from the Euros, we have other things going on in the footy world, mostly transfer talk and the like.

Two rumours for Villa this morning - Emi Buendia for £35m from Norwich which would be lovely and Chris Wood for £40m (!) which would be laughable

If chris wood goes for 40 million pounds I would feel confident in kane either staying or his transfer fee paying off the entire stadium

Chris wood is one of the generic Burnley lumps isnt he?

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Wood has been one of the most consistent centre forwards in the PL for the last few seasons and is probably just hitting his peak. Still, I can understand the prospect of signing him wouldn’t fill fans with the most excitement.


Think he’s a classic case of right club, right time and he’d struggle anywhere else. Certainly not someone you should be paying 40m for.

Not exactly Watkins mk2 either so he would need to have a different system ready to go for when he was on the pitch.

Yeah I don’t think he is the right signing for Villa, although he did bang in 27 goals in a season for Leeds in the Championship too. Reckon he is a bit better than perhaps people give him credit for, mainly due to Burnley’s style of play, which I actually think limits him as much as complements him (bit similar to the Benteke discussion the other day).

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I do like Wood, think hes got double figures in the league for the last 4 seasons or so but he’s not what we need at all and 40m is a crazy amount. Today’s market I guess

I’d fucking love Arsenal to sign Bissouma and Buendia. The dynamism they’d add would be unreal. Bit concerned about the possibility of Elneny if he stays, Partey and Bissouma disappearing to the ACoN so I think we could do with another quality addition in the middle if Xhaka does leave which is looking likely.

bradford nicking morecambe’s manager after they’ve gone up. maybe he just really likes managing in league two

To this I say “Mitrovic” .


I don’t think I’ve ever heard Messi speak

Aguero gave everyone at Man City an expressive watch and also gave away all his cars, which is both lovely and an indictment of the weird inequality top-flight football thrives on

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I think he raffled off the cars then donated the cash to a collection.

But yes, it does show up the gap in pay quite vividly.

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Conte to Spurs is either ‘a done deal’, ‘close but with some details yet to sort’ or ‘not going to happen’ - depending on which #itk account you listen to.

Why does it take this long to get a new manager?

Just don’t understand how they’re going to work with each other if it takes them this long to agree on a deal when there’s no third parties involved or compensation involved

Or it could mean both are taking their time and making sure everything is exactly right and be a brilliant thing

Yeah, I mean 90% of these itk accounts are surely talking out their arse but apparently Conte is concerned he won’t be able to win stuff straight away with Spurs… Obviously lad, that’s kinda what we need you to sort. That’s your job m8

Sorting out unrealistic performance expectations before signing a contract is pretty reasonable no?


Such a strange paradox that at the top level of management that none of the top coaches can win anything without having all the best players and the most money

Depends what is “unreasonable”. A team that have had their worst season for a decade but still made a final and were 5 points off top 4 should be confident they can challenge.

No fans expect immediate results but yeah our new manager should feel they can deliver some trophies

It’s a bit like Formula 1 innit, you need the best car and the best driver to win

Boring domination of the same teams

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So you’d sign a contract with Spurs today, knowing you won’t have a transfer budget, that said you’d not get any bonuses and forfeit half your salary and which agreed to your employment being terminated with no further compensation if you didn’t win a cup or the league?

Bearing in mind that in this scenario you are one of the most sought after managers in the game.