Football Thread - No Euros Chat In Here

Reckon that means Ndidi is likely to leave for a tidy profit?

It’s possible, hopefully won’t hurt us too much now if it does happen.

Obviously Kane will win stuff when he moves to city but funny that atm the two best English centre forwards of my lifetime have one trophy between them

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You’ve got your wish.

Guaranteed points as usual then :slight_smile:

I think the EFL might need a new legal team and probably a bit of clarification of their ffp rules.

Palace still haven’t officially announced Vieira.
I think I’d be happy with Ted Lasso at this point.

Leeds have now bought jack harrison for an undisclosed fee from Man City

Wonder how much… seems to go hot and cold but happy to finally have him, when’s he’s good he’s fucking great.


Still prone to frustrating performances but to be fair, like every other player, has improved season-on-season under Bielsa. Would’ve said he has a certain ceiling but I keep getting proven wrong so let’s hope continues on that trajectory - improve on his decision-making and he could genuinely become pretty special.

Think for £10m or whatever it is it’s a really good deal for what he provides and a player we know fits the bill. More goals+assists than any other English midfielder last season iirc.


Two? Andy Carroll?


I support Watford now

Wtf is he doing there?!?


Pretty sure his son in their academy.


Of course, yeah

Up the hornets!!

Absolute bargain IMO

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I had a very weird and random dream that Vieira fell through and we appointed… Darren Anderton. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No idea why I haven’t even thought of him in 20 years. Had to Google if he was even involved in coaching or management, he’s not.

Get your money on.


It’s because he assisted the Gazza goal against Scotland in Euro ‘96! They’ve been talking about the fact he gets forgotten a lot on the TV and radio so maybe you subliminally absorbed that!


I assume Shearer

Any idea what’s causing the hold up? I’ve warmed to the in idea of him coming I think. The squad situation is making me lose hair though.

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No idea, back room staff maybe.

But apparently Townsend and Ward have new 2 year deals, Cahill a year and Clyne has been offered one.

As for the rest leaving I’m not concerned.

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Quite sad about Guendouzi leaving tbh.