Football Thread - No Euros Chat In Here

Apparently there is a budget for quite a few players, I dunno about the other bits but where else is there right now if he wants to get straight back into management?

OK, but is it in the range of what Pep, Klopp and Tuchel will have to play with?

And even then its kind of besides the main point.

And I’m not necessarily criticising Conte here, my main annoyance at the club for not getting it done

Well no, but then it’s not fair to compare most clubs with oilballers is it

It is if you’re signing on to a contract which will shit can you if you don’t win a trophy, which they will be the competition for.

So what do you suggest clubs that aren’t oilballers do? I don’t think it’s unreasonable for a club to ask a 20 million pound a year manager to deliver results…

Selling Kane would free up about 120mios for the transfer kitty though

Apparently there is one regardless and players like Lucas are already in talks with other clubs.

Think if we sell Aurier, Winks, Sanchez it’s not ridiculous to assume each of those could demand 20-30 million+ and get rid of Lucas, Sissoko and Dier that’s a lot off the wage bill too

If you were Conte coming in would you want to keep Kane? Or liquidate that asset and build a new team?

I think any manager would rather keep him but yeah it’s definitely one option if you think you can get three or four quality players in to rebuild

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And its not unreasonable for the manager signing on to say fair enough, but if you want me to agree let’s be reasonable about timescales, especially given the shit show that the last guy turned the place into.

Especially if you need to bring in 4 or 5 players to replace ones you’re selling, and need to settle a squad.

Buendia to Villa for £35m would make very little sense to me. He could play for any side, he’s that good. Know he didn’t set the Premier League alight last time, but he’s an excellent talent, and worth a lot more than that. I’ve heard people say he’s the best player they’ve ever seen at Championship level. Obviously they’re too young to have seen Terry Cooke.


It only seema to be us or Arsenal in for him and I dont think Villa being a more attractive prospect than Arsenal is that farfetched

His best position is right wing isn’t it? So if we signed him, we either need to play Saka as a wing back or as a #10, presumably with Pepe playing left wing (unless we just want to dick him around for another season).

@IvorDewdney please tell me everything I need to know about Derek Adams

Not 100% to be honest, I think you’re right though. We have a spot free in AMC so I imagine he would go there for us or Grealish is moved there

I thought he had explicitly stated that he preferred to play out wide, but I would need to check where I heard / read that as might be BS.

I would honestly buy a goalkeeper before doing anything else, otherwise might as well not bother. I like Bissouma, but think Tchouameni is a far better (albeit slightly different) option if there is any chance at all that we could land him.

I’m not convinced Buendia is exactly what we need although I wouldn’t be unhappy if we got him.

Surely they’ve got a chance at the uefa Europa conference league 21-22?

As far as I can tell its just spurs, mourinhos Roma, some other teams you’ve actually heard of like Rennes and anderlecht and then a load of Latvians and some Europa league dropouts.

It might be “lol hahaha conference league memes” with the Twitter Bantlords but surely they’ve got more of a chance in that than even the carabao, they have to be at least joint favourites.


Josh King released. Odd signing

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Fuck just checked - Zagreb are in it if they lose their CL playoff match, forget about it.