Football Thread - No Euros Chat In Here

Who would the Prem one be?

Kepa? Did he start this season as 1st choice?

Seems like a thing that shouldn’t exist tbh

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Kabak was an absolute clown. Really enjoyed his introduction as Liverpool struggled.


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Gotta be Willian actually

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Yeah Brewster and McBurnie, the deadly duo with 1 goal between them

willian jose

Jeff Hendrick

Apparently Fulham have rejected a £16m bid for Mitrovic from Dynamo Moscow. He had a stinker last season, although he didn’t seem fully fit early on and was a bit in and out of the team for various reasons.

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The correct time to sell Mitrovic is when you’re leaving the Championship, not entering it.


I genuinely hate our club

I think him and Gabriel could potentially be a very, very good centre-back partnership. In theory they’d compliment each other really well.

Assume your issue is going for him and spending that fee rather than just using Saliba, who seems like a similar kind of profile and probably about as good… which, tbf, yeah :man_shrugging: Whole thing’s just very weird isn’t it.

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How good is he on the ball? Can he pick passes from deep the way Luiz could?

Still annoyed we didn’t go all out to buy him last summer. £35m/£40m would’ve seemed mad at the time - but we spent that on centre-backs anyway, and Struijk’s been a revelation as a back-up & he’d be worth double that now if he were contracted to us.

Very very good on the ball, ridiculously comfortable and would usually be the one starting our attacks from deep alongside Phillips in our promotion season. Will be lovely but a bit melancholic if the two start together for England.

Best defender at Leeds since Ferdinand.

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He wasn’t bad at Brighton last season, but not amazing either. Do you think this was because of Colleague Potter playing him either in a back 3 or as a defensive mid?

That makes sense then. If I’m trying to understand the Saliba situation (really trying) it’s maybe that he isn’t quite good enough on the ball. But neither is Rob Holding and he’s played plenty. And Gabriel isn’t any better. Arteta seemed to play Luiz whenever he was fit though and despite his glaring faults he’s a really good deep playmaker.

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Luiz was largely excellent last season, except from when he wasn’t.

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Probably. I didn’t watch Brighton as closely as Leeds but the few times he deputised for Phillips at DM for us he wasn’t amazing (competent enough though). Feels a bit like Phillips for England actually, where you lose a lot of what makes them good with the belt-and-braces extra bodies in the defensive unit.