Football Thread - No Euros Chat In Here

I can’t be bothered signing another Ligue 1 midfielder however highly rated they might be. I think we desperately need proven Premier League quality in such a key position. Tchouameni may well have more potential but I can’t face the thought of another season of mediocrity with square pegs, a lack of quality and uncertainty all over the pitch and I’m not sure the good will of the board will extend that far for Arteta either.

How much was it Man United tried to sign him for? 30 odd million?

Decent L2 manager. Got us to a play off final in his first season then promoted the year after. Somehow got us to 7th in L1, mainly on the back of a stupid run of wins around Christmas, then fell apart like a wet cake the season after. Reckon he’ll be good for you, for a couple of seasons at least. However, he is one of the most miserable men I’ve ever seen, really moany and weirdly confrontational, and likes his football as boring as humanly possible.

Tldr: a mixed bag

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I wish they did bid 50mil for a Longstaff

Walcott too. Toffees are emptying the tin.


Thank you. He’s quite shithouse too right? We’ve had lots of boring teams but hardly any proper shithouse ones.
Guess next season will either be a great success or a totally miserable experience

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Went quite well for Leicester when they bought Kante from Caen (for 9m euros lol), and Tchouameni’s stats are better (yeah I know).

I would much rather we spent wisely and improved a little bit, whilst building more solid foundations, than splashed huge amounts of cash with one season in mind, where we still probably won’t be able to properly compete with teams that have spent far more than us and will do again.

I see Bissouma as being perfect for what you

I see Bissouma as being perfect for what you mention in the second paragraph tbh. £35-45m isn’t really a lot for a 24 year old Premier League proven midfielder. Could spend that on three prospects who won’t contribute straight away and possibly never make the grade.

Yeah, I would be pleased with Bissouma although AFCON is always a bit of a pain, and I wasn’t aware that he might be available so “cheap”. We should try and negotiate a bundle deal for Sanchez, Bissouma and Solly March lol.

Brighton have some decent players. I’d probably take Trossard too (big Dan Burn for the bants)

Sure we could spin up some sort of exchange programme. Plenty of candidates I’d be happy to send their way.

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Would like to have seen Nelson there last season. May as well have been.

Yeah he is. Was the manager when this happened


I reckon you’ll get to the play offs.

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Giroud signing a new contract is weird

You mean World Cup winner & soon to be Euros winner Olivier Giroud? Why would any club want him in their squad :man_shrugging:t2:

I meant more why would he want to stay at Chelsea when he doesnt get in the match day squad all the time

Still can’t believe Ancelotti was just like lol this is shit I’m going to Madrid. Bye.


Oh, I see

I guess he’s seen Werner play