Football Thread Spin-off: 20/21 kit season is here!

Ok, I’ll enter the state lottery :smiley:

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i just dont like it when they change the colours of the club badge :frowning:

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For some reason it doesn’t annoy me for away kits but on home ones it does. This one for example. Shocking.

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i really really like this one too. it’s definitely not on to buy the shirt of a team you don’t support from your own league isn’t it.

We’re using a Portugal kit as our third kit then

A million times better than that disaster of an away shirt.

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Love it when teams add a third kit for no reason.

“We need it if another team plays in gold, light blue and white”


With no Watford or Norwich, I’m not sure we even need an away kit. Especially not one that clashes with fucking everything.

My pal back in Notts is playing for this Sunday team this season. Pretty decent effort!

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