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Hi! Had an idea earlier. There’s loads of good and fun football documentaries on YouTube and Netflix and that, some are feature length, some 45 mins or so, and I thought it might be a thing that we could have a thread each week where we watch one (in our own time, not all at once like the regular film club) and talk about it. What do you reckon mates?

  • Good idea, I’m in
  • Good idea but not for me
  • Bad idea and I hate you

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It will be covered, yes. The first one will be something else though.

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There’s loads of good football documentaries
This is a good idea

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Cmon lads fucking hell lets fucking do em fucking three points lads eh fucking do we fucking want it or fucking what eh fucking come on lads three points


Roberto MancINi.

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Three I’ve not seen but have been meaning to watch:

Next Goal Wins.
The Workers Cup.
Take the Ball, Pass the Ball.

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Next Goal Wins is a beaut, would be well up for watching it again


Diego Maradona (2019) is available to stream for free on the Swedish Public Service broadcaster until Friday


Ok well that’s enough in to make it worthwhile. Will post the first one after I’ve hung the washing out.

First up we’ll do a short, fun one.

Club For A Fiver was made by a film student about Leyton Orient’s disastrous 94/95 season and has become something of a classic football documentary.

It’s available here (only 50 mins or so)

This thread will run for a week so watch at your own convenience!

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Me too

Are they finally on to us?


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What’s pink and wrinkly, and hangs out Funky’s underpants?


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Next Goal Wins is very enjoyable and more emotional than I expected.


You’re still regulars, so I’m guessing Sean or one of the admins have changed the privileges associated with that level.

Oh that’s gonna make a lot of things really annoying.

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