Football Transfer Thread of Transfer Bullshit


Starting with the heavy hitters we have crystal palace signing Patrick Van Aanholt, and may be getting Martin Cacceres on a free transfer. Big Sam hasn’t give up on Carl Jenkinson signing for the club, unlike the rest of us who have given up on Jenkinson being a decent premier league player.

Speaking of managers who increasingly seem out of touch, and in a desperate bid to remember when his managerial career was on the up we have Moyes signing Everton players including Darren Gibson and Bryan Oviedo. I remember Oviedo being quite well liked a few seasons ago, but most Everton fans seem to want to get rid now?

Time for the teams and the Manchester Clubs/Liverpool/Spurs seem to be doing fuck all. Arsenal should probably be doing something but they’re pretty happy to leave things as they are… only thing I’ve seen is that Chuba Akpom will be going on loan to Championship. Chelsea trying again to sign the Celtic keeper, and it’s reasonable to assume if that happens Begovic will get his wig ready in what would be a pretty great move for Bournemouth I reckon. Ivanovic set to leave and all.

Time for the big Championship clubs and Aston Villa are involved with too much stuff for me to bother with. In short: final push for Jordan Rhodes while also making a swap with Swansea. Jordan Ayew for Neil Taylor.

Seems like another player potentially leaving Middlesbrough will be Gaston Ramirez to Leicester, which just seems bizarre to me. Then again hes seemed like quite a toxic person and inconsistent player imo. Thought he was awful for Hull but was pretty good in the Championship, so it might actually be quite a good forward thinking move for Leicester.

Speaking of Hull (not a selling club!) - we’re apparently close to selling Andrew Robertson to Burnley. Leaving the only recognised left back as 17 year old Josh Tymon. Not a single pound of the Livermore/Snodgrass money has been spent, and there’s only a day and a half of transfers to go…

Burnley also set to sign Robbie Brady from Norwich, seemingly unaware he’s had a pretty disappointing season by his standards.

And lastly, but finally - Payet has fucked off back to France. total dickhead, and has helped to send the message out that players can force through moves and get what they want without any kind of negative consequence for them.

Let’s get this over with you shithouses.


There is no correlation between how long this is and how much free time I’ve got at work. Sorry for the ramble!


The Chris Martin situation’s getting really bizarre. Kicking up a massive fuss wanting to cut his loan short and go back to Derby, despite the fact he’s playing every week, scoring loads, we’re better than Derby, and he doesn’t have to live or work in Derby




Didn’t he get booed yesterday just before/after scoring? If booing could somehow cause that, Arsenal would be top of the league!


Who tries to sign a keeper in January? Fuck off Chelsea, until the summer at least.


We’ve (Oxford) got some lad coming in on loan from QPR apparently. Already had Toni Martinez from West Ham for the rest of the season, he made his debut on Saturday and looked a cut above even though he’s only had a couple of training sessions. Good lad.


yeah, he’s being a real arse tbf. He hated Pearson, we got him on a year loan with an option to buy, then ever since the archipelago came back to Derby he’s been going on about how much he wants to go back and play for him, signed a new contract with Derby last week and has kicked up more of a fuss. Jokanovic has basically told him he’s welcome to stop playing for us but he’s definitely not playing for Derby. Would be happy to bin him off but he’s still playing well and we haven’t got any other strikers who can put it in the onion bag consistently.


Sounds like a mess. I wonder if towards the end of the season he’ll stop putting a shift in, in case he wouldn’t want to risk Fulham taking a play off spot at Derby’s expense…


I just don’t understand how anyone can have such strong, positive feelings about Steve McLaren. AFAIK we still have the option to buy for £9mio at the end of the season. I wonder if he might start to feel a bit more at home in West London if we got promoted and Derby didn’t


How dare you.



Thought it’d be @NoahVale biting on that, but I’ll take it


That is the only reason he will stay at Fulham

Let’s see what happens between now and tomorrow night…


We’ve just sold Dr. Who to QPR so either we’re getting another striker in or Coldplay’s staying (or hopefully both)


Ross McCormack


If he can get his gates open


An overweight scottish diva who thinks he’s all that but has very obviously never been good enough for the premiership? seems an ideal replacement


Will be very interesting to see how Martinez gets on there. Great header for his goal and from the little I’ve seen of him at West Ham he looks to be very promising.


Chris Martin has obviously realised London is shit

Great lad.