Football Week 3: CarabOW!

Big spenders Everton fail to convert chances, enabling undery pluckdogs Man City to steal a point despite ref’s best efforts.

Keep it safe, keep it clean, keep the kit chat out of here.

Wagons-Wigans tonight. Pay on the gate, so super tempted to sack work off about 2 o’clock and drive on up. It is my boss’s birthday too, so he won’t be around to notice :sweat_smile:

Heh. :fire:

Here we go…

Ant, what is that site??

Their kind of a hackers/anonymous style “cyber espionage” group.

They’ve leaked a whole lot of doping info about footballers.

But while there’s music and moonlight and love and romance…


I can see why McAfee might have flipped out about that tbh. Anything juicy?

Haven’t been able to dl the actual leaked content yet given I’m at work, was hoping someone here would and let us all know innit. In fairness I can’t imagine it will stay quiet if there is anything juicy there.

I wonder if there is a footballer @anon67149139 thinks might be in the leak?

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I’ve downloaded the file. There’s a PDF with TUEs from World Cup 2010, and a couple of spreadsheets of positives, and other test results but it doesn’t look anything particularly juicy tbh.

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Was weird how many people in the crowd looked like they were cheering in that second Rooney pic


The Leicester league winning team were all on something called ‘magic beans’?

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Kid in the red hoodie is surely a United fan



Mbappe LOAN to PSG

Oooooohhhhh, for FFP reasons. lol

Ricky ponting and Sean connery don’t look like they’re enjoying each others company tbh

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big fan of the hardnut just flicking the V’s



I’ve got three friends with birthdays today - Aidan, Fiona and Hugh. I’ve wished them all a good day and sent general love. It got me thinking, I wonder which Premier League football also has a birthday this year. OMG lads, guys, ATDs, chaps, blokes, Croatian mates, you’ll never guess who it was!

It’s James Tomkins