"Football's Coming Home" is about England hosting the tournament not winning it





This song is one of only three songs to top the British charts twice with different lyrics, the others being “Mambo No. 5” (in versions by Lou Bega and Bob the Builder) and “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” (by Band Aid and Band Aid 30).


This. The moment they released the 98 version it changed the meaning.


The re-release isn’t cannon


It’s canon to me damnit!


Good luck in winning Christmas, Chris!




Yes and it was the official FA slogan for the 1996 Championships* and NOT coined solely by Frank Skinner and David Baddiel.

*-“Football Comes Home”


The guy who wrote the song says it’s about the trophy coming home.


oh shit jordan. How would you like the egg on your face served?


There were three writers


The trophy was designed in Italy.


I know, mate, but England won it in the 1960s.




Woah there was a third version!


The '98 version was the original version.

ELO dropped out at the last minute in '96.


Ah that makes sense now.


okay jordan imma go with poached, what with living in london and that


That one was designed in France.