Relegation six-pointers between Boro and Burnley, and West Ham and Swansea. Potential banana skins for City against in-form Hull, and Liverpool at Stoke. Chelsea seal the title at moneybags Bornemouth.

There’s a lovely Euro double header this afternoon - Real Madrid v Atleti folllwed by Bayern v Dortmund.



Leeds vs. Preston in the Beckford derby has massive #implications. PNE have quietly got pretty close to Fulham and Wednesday, and if they win they’ll drag leeds back into the mess. Fulham are going to mess themselves against the dullest team in the league, then I’m off to Hillsborough for the evening kickoff. Haway the lads


Yep. why not read an expert preview on such a game:


Despite shambling past Citeh in mid week, Conte’s Contemptibles will continue to Devon Loch up their title bid with a tame draw at plucky billionaires Bournemouth.

Put an imaginary house on it.


Simon Grayson’s hair is wonderful

We’ve got Burton away. top of the form table!


Off to the ‘Gary Rowett derby’ later. Expecting a victory and a complete Rowett love-in at St Andrews.


A Newcastle and Huddersfield loss would do nicely


Didnt mean to reply to anyone



To keep our extremely faint play-off hopes alive, it would be preferable for Leeds, Preston, and Sheff W to all lose…


Clash of the Titans at the David “Dave” Whelan Stadium. Only Oldham Latics have scored fewer EFL goals than Wigan Latics this season, while already-relegated Rotherham have fewer points than a barleysugar post and only have pride to play for, but even the 2013 FA Cup Winners managed to be three-down at the break at their place back in the dark days of December. Not even bothering to turn on FotMob notifications today. Top flight looks equally dull.


I think you’re wearing rose-tinted glasses there, my friend. The 2013 FA Cup was very famously cancelled after the semi-final stage.


Yeah I think you should make like me and accept it ain’t happening


feeling very much like the LVG years again w/r/t United. just so weird that this group of players are struggling for goals.

I think Sunderland might just be so bad that we’ll win by a couple. David Moyes is there, and the post-Fergie pressure broke him forever.


Who’s your team, NV? (:



#celtic :crown: 4-0 kkillkkmnnnarnock
#hamac 2-1 rossco

:hearts: 1-1 dundee

#san juan stone 2-0 inverness throbbing gristle
#partick thistle 1-2 motherwell
#aberdeen 1-3 the walking dead [/spoiler]


Just back from Wellington Phoenix v Sydney City. After being shit all season the Nix won their last two games by an aggregate 8-0, giving us faint hopes of reaching the playoffs. All we needed to do was beat the league leaders, who have lost once in 25 games this season…

Gave it a bloody good go, got rinsed by the ref, who awarded City a penalty after a video replay, but refused to check the video ref for either of our two penalty shouts. So angry. The game’s always rigged in favour of the big clubs :angry:


I’m trying. I really am…


Derby County


Mmm it’s very different to LVG. Most shots on target of any team, most shots taken, most possession in the attacking third, best passing accuracy etc. Sure we’ve also missed the most chances, but with LVG we just passed the ball back to De Gea for 90 minutes. Think people quickly forget how bad it was.

How weird is it that we aren’t scoring that many goals? Apart from Ibrahimovic and Rooney, there’s no one in the team that’s regularly scored a lot of goals in a season before. We went on the assumption that Martial and Rashford would kick on in a major way and that was obviously over optimistic. Basically players are hitting their averages.

And, granted, the games without Pogba, Herrera or Ibrahimovic were fucking dire to watch, but once everyone was restored to the first team we were relatively exciting even if we still couldn’t score goals.


it feels like LVG because regardless of those stats, the goals often feel like they’re never going come.

I do think it’s weird that this team are struggling for goals, yeah. for Martial and Rashford to have both stalled? for all those attempts to have so little in the way of payoff? just feels odd, like there’s still a fog hanging over them.

probably just still spoiled by the way Fergie could get the absolute best out of players so much of the time.