Footie (20/03/2017 - 31/03/2017)

Oh, and Kane should be captain and we should play 3-4-3 with all the spurs lads in the starting line-up when everyone’s fit

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We should be building the team around Spurs in general innit.

Whichever team has the best core of English players should be the focus of the side, doesn’t matter if that means dropping “better” players, it’s far more beneficial to have players who know each other’s games than it is to have an assortment of stars innit.

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Reckon we’ll draw with Germany, though. They can’t be particularly arsed and it’s usually around now that England get a fluke result which sadistically reignites a bit of interest.

Comfortable but not massive deutsch win, I reckon. 2-1 or something

I reckon there’d be room for Dier in there

we need to find a breaker central mid really. Think Wanyama and Dembele are really hard for us to replicate internationally, Henderson and dunno, innit.
Other than that it’s Stones + Cahill for the belgian CBs, Hart for Hugo and Raheem for Eriksen

Dier does that job alright innit.

But then who’s the third centre back (please don’t jokingly suggest a Manchester United footballer)

Would’ve much preferred Tom Davies in the squad over Livermore. What are you going to learn about him? he’s just going to come along, sit on the bench then go back to Hull (hopefully) never to be seen again innit

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Tom Davies is probably already a better footballer than Livermore’s ever been, too


Don’t need one

---------Hart-Dog ---------
Walker, Cahill, Stones, Rose
---------- Dier ----------
--------Alli, Winks ----------
Sterling ------------- Lallana
--------- Kane ----------

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under Brexit that would be a BANNED ACT

Would definitely be better off taking Tom Davies to the Tournoi!

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He plays for West Brom these days. I know, me neither.


Only the half-dozen weak links in that there team…


Oh yeah, it’s pure shite no argument there, it’s just shite with an inbuilt system and level of team/playing chemistry

Away to Bulgaria on Saturday. Proper qualifier as well.

The Premier League will be represented by outstanding talents such as Vorm, Blind, Martins Indi, Wijnaldum and Janssen #bestleagueintheworld

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Harry Winks shouldn’t be starting for England

Nah, obvs not, that was a cheeky facetious pick innit. (Although we need to tie him down as he might be eligible for Spain apparently…)

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