Footie (20/03/2017 - 31/03/2017)




Oh yeah, it's pure shite no argument there, it's just shite with an inbuilt system and level of team/playing chemistry


Away to Bulgaria on Saturday. Proper qualifier as well.

The Premier League will be represented by outstanding talents such as Vorm, Blind, Martins Indi, Wijnaldum and Janssen #bestleagueintheworld


Hart-cane chucking the ball in his own net? he can stay in Turin.

give Heat-dog a go.


Harry Winks shouldn't be starting for England


Nah, obvs not, that was a cheeky facetious pick innit. (Although we need to tie him down as he might be eligible for Spain apparently...)


was just a joke but ...well, who knows?


Dawson should be in the squad too


Only one man for the job really


Even though he no longer plays for us I've still got a lot of love for Livermore.

Shouldn't be in the England squad, but what other defensive mids/box-to-box players do we have??


Tom Davies, Loftus-Cheek. Better off taking a 20 year old who might become good in the future than a 28 year old who's definitely not good enough innit


this isn't the time for joking. this is an international break, and is a time for somber reflection.

we need fewer Jake Livermores and more... Eric Diers?

is Eric Dier still a good thing?


Drinkwater would probably have been a better shout now that Leicester have started trying again.


I thought Tom Davies was more of an attacking mid? Fair point about Loftus-Cheek and I do agree that it would be better to take younger players


Think he plays alongside gazbaz in a midfield 2 with barkley in front, I may be wrong though


not gazbaz anymore, Gueye or Schneidz


Two of Gueye, Morgan and Baz make up the two with Davies and Barkley in front I think


Seeing as it's an international break, I think this qualifies as being worthy of sharing with the class. The joke on my Penguin is football-related today.

Why can't penguins play football?

Because there's snowballs



i assume Are We Country will be giving the international football scene a good kick up the arse, but i haven't a notion as to who our opponents are. BRING ON THE ITALIANS?