Footie (20/03/2017 - 31/03/2017)


is James Ward-Prowse good? I don’t know what to make of him. he doesn’t seem rubs or anything, but he’s a bit ambient, isn’t he?

is he a Barry? the next Thrillner? what even is he?

he seems… useful?


Good set piece taker and a handy footballer, in that Tom Carroll, Harry Winks, Paul Labile Pogba category of players who look quite good without ever scoring, making chances or tackling


isn’t he maybe above those two (non-bants) names? in that he’s been doing it for longer and can maybe influence games a bit?

I get the impression that in an Iceland-type situation, he would keep his head while those around him were losing theirs.

maybe start him in the Dunno position (not full-back, I mean the 2017 English Dunno position)?


yeah, tbh people who can reliably pass it to someone wearing the same coloured shirt are a bit lacking in this country, and it might be nice to experiment with having one in our midfield for a bit


Don’t all fall over yourselves to read a thing I did on why Rob Green is quite good


Can’t believe he didn’t get an England recall!


flappy hands Carson was at it again this weekend


What an absolute prat.

Coles, 23, who has held a season ticket with the club for four years, told police he was frustrated because the team were having their “worst season ever”.

Worst season ever? Ha, try administration pal and very nearly not having a club. He’s been a season ticket holder for four years, so basically since we got promoted? Fuck off pal.


Union Berlin vs Nurnberg tonight, a win would put Berlin 3 points clear of the playoff spot after Hannover were held to a draw by St. Pauli. Yup.


Nothing will bring us together like a mutual appreciation of England the football team.


Gonna watch any of the internationals?

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I was going to attend Scotland vs Slovenia on Sunday but I’m now getting paid to review Belle and Sebastian. Key word there is paid.


City managed to lose against 'Boro the same way years ago.


I’m sure your review will be fair and balanced


England will never have a standout team until they admit the need for reform at all levels, shorten the top flight season, build bridges with the written press and revamp the academy system nationwide right down to schools level, BUT…

…i actually think we have some ruddy fine players coming through now. Alli, Kane, Sterling and eventually Winks are a very decent starting point. Walker, Rose, Dier, Stones, even Henderson are playing in very good sides, Pickford, Rashford etc will be top drawe, then you’ve got an insane amount of talent coming through in the academies, particularly at City and Chelsea.

I mean, yeah, impossible to have faith when we somehow managed to waste the late 90s/early 00s generation of players, but we have to hope. The first few chapters of Rafa Honigstien’s last book provide pretty staggering evidence of how quickly a major nation can rip it up and start again.


I’ll say it every international break but the golden age squad was ropey. About 8 really great players and a lot of dross. 1998 squad was much better than 2002-2010


Schweinsteiger has signed a one year deal with Chicago Fire. $4.5m for one year with an option for one more. He’s not as old as I thought. Basically retired at 32.

Considering they signed two of the best MLS holding mids and have many other problem areas-like not having a proper right back on the books, it strikes me as an odd move all round. To be fair almost everything in this weird city strikes me as odd.


Honestly thought he’d go to China


Shame it didn’t work out, he’s fully shot


Confirmation today that 8988 days after my first Premier League match I’ll be attending my second on Saturday week.

24 years, 7 months and 10 days to the hour since watching Oldham Athletic 5-3 Nottingham Forest, I’ll be at Vicarage Road to watch Watford and Sunderland draw 0-0 with neither side having a shot on target, or indeed forcing a corner.

3 days later I’ll be back at the Vic to witness Watford and West Brom draw 0-0 with neither side having a shot on target, or indeed forcing a corner.

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of throw-ins though.