Footwear you have owned throughout your life (pics encouraged)

I was thinking about some shoes I had when I was younger, thought it might be fun to revisit what’s been on our feet throughout our lives. Some models & colorways I remember specifically, others were just a certain style/type. Let’s see 'em! If you can find a pic online that would be great. If you have a pic of yourself wearing them, even better!

This thread is not intended for currently owned footwear (those threads already exist), but if there’s a pair you’ve had for a long time, feel free to include. Just not trying to do a current inventory thread.

I’ll start with the first type of footwear I remember wearing before the age of 9, as a boy living in rural Belgium. Of course I don’t remember the exact style, and I’m struggling to find a representative pic that isn’t too modern, but they were either dark brown or black leather ankle boots, zippered or Chelsea (probably had both during that time). I’m sure this type of footwear was common school wear for boys in the 80s.

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 10.02.00 AM

I’ll definitely be able to provide more accurate/exact photos for later footwear.

While looking for old pics of myself wearing other shoes in my teens, I came across this one from the 80s and I’m wearing boots (pardon the sun in my eyes). Guess I had some with laces too. My cousin seated next to me is wearing something closer to what I was trying to showcase above.

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My son’s school shoes are almost identical to the ones I wore for primary school. Good to see that the classics don’t need to be updated :+1:

Velcro for life. One of the worst impediments you could have at primary school was slip on shoes - an absolute liability when playing football…

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Oh man i could speak on this for hours im sorry in advance

My first memorable shoes are the clarks magic step with a key you can turn in the sole, and a panel at the heel changes into solid glitter/roses pattern etc. I was absolutely enchanted by these shoes, i was 8 i think. God bless my parents for always buying me the silly things my childish heart truly desired :sob::heart:
Like this pair i found online but black.

I was obsessed with converse shoes - i started buying them in 2005 when they were fairly cheap, £17 in sports direct!! I went to china in 2006 and bought so many pairs from the converse shop that you couldn’t find in the uk, felt so cool. My favourite pair was this, this is a photoshoot from 2006 :joy: i loved those shoes!

I have these now as an adult, i really like cute things and these ones are very cute

I mentioned these recently but i had these babycham trainers, i loved them so much! So cute and colourful

Crocs! I love them and have used them for years and years, excellent house slipper

These super mario villains vans shoes are just perfect 10/10 shoe

This busted up pair of shoes were my favourite for years, literally wore them to shreds and was so sad when i had to bin them! I had to repair the soles so many times, they were falling apart but were so comfortable and cute


had some really cool Adidas trainers in like… year 5, so 1998 (was spring/summer)

they were white with green and blue bits, I think

wish I could see a picture of them. felt amazing putting them on first time, so springy

(idk why that’s a direct reply to you)

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A cropped photo of me wearing what were probably my first Nikes (paired with stonewashed Lee jeans). I wanna say this was ‘86-87.


These are due a comeback surely


I remember having some Velcro shoes before 10, and maybe some others before my teens, but can’t picture them.

We always used to go to Charlsleys in Basildon for our Clarks shoes. I think the early ones were the ‘K’ range,


but then when I was six or seven, I got Clarks Hardware,

which came with a badge.



wish I still had these - think this was in 2010, but had them for a few years by that point:



I’m not really into trainers that much, and tend to stick with the same model several times when they eventually wear out. The first trainers that I can remember were Dr Martens Airwair ones. I can’t find a photo of them, but I had three pairs of those. I was quite late in getting into big brand trainers, but I had a couple of pairs of Nike Huarache when I was a teenager


A few pairs of Puma Mostros in my 20s


And several pairs of Tigers in my 30s and 40s

Mexico 66

Colorado 85



I had these Andre Agassi Nikes in this color. Googling reveals they’re called Air Tech Challenge IV. In hindsight they’re really not great looking shoes, but they grabbed my attention at the store and I couldn’t let go. I might have even realized at the time they weren’t cool or tough, but I liked the colors and the black suede.

Fairly certain I had these as well, Agassi’s Air Tech Challenge II, but not certain of the colorway.


Vivid and painful memories





Shaq had a Reebok shoe that you could inflate using the basketball on the tongue

My mum bought me the Dunnes Stores (cheap Irish shop) version when I was 10. It had a basketball or at least a big orange button on the tongue that didn’t actually do anything.

I was so careful pressing that thing in case I pumped too much and it exploded. Always counted each shoe to make sure I’d pumped them evenly too. I can’t remember which hurt when my mum finally told memore, being told wrestling was fake or my shoes were fake.


Totally remember the Reebok Pumps, but a different version (without those circles). A good friend had some.

After months of pleading, my folks got me these for my tenth birthday and honestly it’s mostly been downhill ever since.


First pair of trainers I can remember is Ascot Brazils I think, love them.

Really miss a pair of a variation of a Dunlop flash’s that were more green than white