For a cool $6.5m you can buy Bowie's old apartment

Estate agent listing with lots of pics:

It’s fucking UGLY, though, isn’t it?

it just looks like an old person’s house doesn’t it


Great headline

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I think Bowie moved out in the early 90s - so it could have looked very different when he was there (apart form the Piano)

edit - he moved out in 2002

It really does.

That office makes me feel incredibly over-hot just looking at all that wood panelling.


Congrats on reading the article because it’s a rare DiSer that goes to those lengths :slight_smile:

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looks alright

obviously would look a shitload better with Bowie & Iman’s old art & furniture in it though I’m guessing

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The other week we were talking about dream homes and I linked to Dinos Chapman and Tiphaine de Lussy’s place that is up for sale:

Anyway, their other house is up for sale now, too:

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Quite like that top one, although it very much looks like a furnished multi-storey car park inside

I like their house on Fashion Street, they’ve done it up a bit since I was last there though


Bargain. I’ll buy two.

It’s an old watertank building.

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I prefer the colour of our Ercol studio couch to theirs.

That was all sold off last year

that’s not their couch - their old couch was covered in blim burns. That’s home-staging for the sale I’d guess as the place was always a mess and full of paintings & figures & everything you can imagine

you see, that apartment would definitely be much improved with a Basquiat or 3

I thought you said that it’s been a while since you were there. Chances are that they’ve done it up a bit since then.

Bowie’s stereo:

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yeah, but unless they’ve also totally changed as people there’s no way there were living in it like that …and no way an estate agent could sell it like that

Giacomo is nice but I always wanted an Alain Carré