For all you privacy nuts like me here's a great article / warnings about messaging apps

Also in the comments Wire is mentioned. Might actually give that a go. This year I’m going to really try to get off grid (internet wise) before the snooping charter kicks in and every tom Dick and Harry will be looking at my dick pics.

it’s not about your dick pics Mokes, it’s about Election Management

Fuck. Ace link / info.

It’s also south GCHQ and NSA sucking this information through me fibre optic cables like they’ve been caught doing before.

Would it not just be easier to get some billboards printed up of your nudes, so it takes the sting out of some NSA person seeing them, because you know everyone already has, and they’re like “no big deal, it’s just that naked guy”?

Imagine how much nudity an NSA worker must have to sift through

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I really don’t give a shit about stuff like this at all.

…and then they came for my Triban, and there was no one left to speak for me.


Really though privacy is one of those impossible vote winning meaningless words like freedom or security #makeugoddamnthink

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hi theresa may! keep up the great work of making brexit even shitter than it already was going to be

lol jk stop making it worse pls