For anyone who works in marketing/social media

had an idea for an app where you scan your drink and it tells you where you can buy more of the same drink


“You are drinking … GUINNESS
it is being sold in 349,182 places near you”


the app would also tell you where you can find other branches of the drink shop

“you can buy it in: the same place you bought this one. you doughnut.”

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Maybe I’ve watched Bill Hicks too much, but I though the follow on to that thread title was going to be ‘Kill yourself. Kill yourself now.’


think you’re missing the #disrupt potential of an app that sends you to different drink shops based on random scans of google maps. it’s like pokemon go for stella.

This is so cringe.

Had to actually go and sit through some talks last year, so glad to miss out.

Limits a “team” to two people really, nonsense

Exactly this!

love the facebook advice- “get your brand identity in early ( ie in the first 3 seconds)” as in - youre idiots and no one will stop scrolling long enough to watch anything you create, so just carpet bomb your logo everywhere instead