For Christmas you can have hoofs and horns, or fur.

Which do you want?

You can’t have both, greedy-guts.

A delicious plate of hoofs and horns please


I’d like horns but I can’t see myself getting on with the hoofshooves so will have to go for fur, plus that might mean I get lots of people petting me and letting me curl up on their lap.


Horns please, I’ll decorate them with some glitter nail polish and gore anyone who upsets me


I’m with you.

Horns sound good but hoofves would be a nuisance, so fur it is.

I thought the choice was of the three but realise now it’s hooves AND horns vs fur.

I guess fur then? Having hooves would be awful.

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Would enjoy the sound I made with hooves, so those please. Horns are a nice bonus.

If it’s just for the day then hoofves and horns as I think the novelty would soon wear off. But if it’s permanent, then fur. Cosy!

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Fur because I’m with my in-laws this Christmas and they never put the heating on high enough

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it behooves me to tell you that I’d rather have fur please


Wings or mermaid tail would be better, can I speak to anybody about that?

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Fur, hoofs and horns are not just for Christmas.

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It’s got to be fur. It’d be lovely to be all soft and fluffy.

Fur and I’d just spend all day stroking myself

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I’m too hot as it is so I think I’ll go horns and hoofs please. Think it would be fun acting like a goat outside


Apple Bottom jeans, hooves with the fur


I’ll take hooves and horns please. I can’t be arsed cleaning all that fur. The cost of all the shampoo would be too much. Plus I’ll be saving money on shoes.

I’d be pretty damn Metal too :metal: