For my birthday this year 🍰

For my birthday this year, instead of buying me a pint, please consider making a small donation to help keep our music blog archived and online community costs covered*.

It’s a big year for the site. October 2020 will mark 20 years of Drowned in Sound and I’m currently planning a few different ideas to bring the editorial side of what we did back to life. It’s likely to take the form of essays, social-led recommendations, and possibly a podcast to compliment our monthly show on Soho Radio. Would also still love to do a print edition archiving some of our best pieces, and looking into options to do that.

Anyway, you can either donate (my suggested amount is £6.66 :japanese_ogre:) or make a small regular donation with PayPal here ☞

I’ve also done a fundraiser on Facebook in case that’s easier for you. £300 will help keep the forums online for another month. If you could just share it that would also be a big help for it to surface on Facebook.

Why do we need your support? Online advertising has pretty much evaporated, despite our traffic remaining high (we still get over 2m page views a month on our forums, for instance) and despite managing to lower our costs, it still costs £100s a month to keep the site online to provide a free service.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

*=due to the continued growth of the forums, we’re likely to have to move on from the $300 a month package soon


Make sure to bump for day shift (note to self)


I’ll do this next week when I get my beans. :slight_smile:


Thank you, kindly.


Done. Sorry really can’t afford more atm but will donate again when I can.


happy birthday sean


Thank you! Every little helps.

If every user currently signed in donated £1 we’d be able to keep the site online with any worries for 2-3 years. Hell, even if all the lurkers donated 10p I’d be a lot less afraid to check my emails for invoices.


Fucking hell who are all these people and why aren’t they voting in my hgatr threads!


Hello birthday pal. x


Hey Sean thanks for all you do, trying to throw a hefty donation your way from the USA but I’m having trouble getting it to go through. Is the link correct for people outside the UK?

Oh nevermind please disregard. Put the wrong card number in. 100 american dollars (I believe 136 UK) your way. This place has been a great sanctuary for me to discuss music (ambient thread! ) and to see a great global community of people on the social boards be some of the greatest people I’ve never met. Thanks for all you do to keep it running. Cheers!

And a very happy bday to you!


Ahh fuck it. I won’t lie I’ve had a great year, another 100 your way. 274 UK I believe.

Long live DiS!!


That’s odd. Anyone else having issues?

Try this link

Thank you so much.


Happy birthday pal, lots of love and I’ll up my regular donation in a bit.

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Gonna do the same.

Happy Birthday Sean! :birthday:
This website means a lot to so many people. Thanks for everything xxx
Will log in to PayPal later :blush: x

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Could the hardship fund donate a little? Or is that a bad idea?

Just donated £6.66

Wish I could afford more but can’t really. I visit this site everyday and get a lot out of it.

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Still on the regular satanic donation.

The electronica label that started on this forum has now spawned multiple live nights, mastering and remix work for other artists, signings to other labels, and just some really amazing music. None of that would have happened without this space and the writing and passion for music that drew us here in the first place. So thanks as always!