For my lunch I had the best 4 ingredient sandwich filling of all time

There is in my sandwich. Triple bread

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Really think this isn’t going to turn out well for aggpass

Peanut butter, a different kind of peanut butter, raspberry jam, wasabi


bacon. brown sauce. more bacon.

It turned out really nicely cheers. Delicious.

I’m gonna make a classic ham n cheese grilled cheese in the cast iron skillet for lunch (finished in the oven for ultimate melted cheddar). Cannot wait.

Bit of Dijon in there maybe. Unbeatable combo


I don’t think they would be great in a sandwich tbh

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My last guess is cheddar, chutney, onions and apple.

I’ll give you 2.5 kerms

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I’ll take it.
Glad you enjoyed your sandwich anyhow.

And whoever does get the correct combo, be aware I did the legwork

It was sausage, fried red onions, cheddar and chutney kerms. It was an actual classic. I wasn’t even doing a bit. I’m sorry


That sounds really good tbf! Had it in my head you weren’t a meat eater which threw me.

Would you like to know just how competitive I am? I remembered ruffers made a “you have $15 dollars to make a sandwich out of these items” thread, so I searched for and scrolled through that but you didn’t post in it. Then I searched “aggpass sandwich” (too many results) and “aggpass cheddar” (only this thread)

Sad little life

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They were lindy macs.

I don’t like to mention my vegetarianism but, like my charity work, it is very important to me


I had a coronation chicken bagel

Was there fruit in there Anthony?

I ate the fruit out first with a spoon

I’ll eat you out with a spoon if you’re not careful