For my research, have you eaten the following

I’m crestfallen

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are you stubbornly avoiding ever having any now, because you’ve made it this far and don’t really feel like you’re missing out? that’s what i did with watching the sopranos, and then i watched some, and realised that yeah, i was right, i wasn’t missing out.

rice is good though


all were bad

Not true but go off I suppose

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I’d leave


Interestingly enough I’ve eaten pepperami but not for the last few years. Because it is a meat product

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Nah I have had rice really I’m just trolling

I’ve only had it maybe 30 times ever though, it’s boring and if I’m having curry or something I’ll just have a naan with it

i hate when you do this to me jook


First you lied about the birthdays, now rice

Why should we believe anything you say, “Joke”??

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This bit is doing a lot of heavy lifting

I rarely believe anything that comes out of my mouth, nor should anyone else

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Well, yes
But I’m trying to keep the thread on topic

It is true about never having had a babybel though

They look weird

Fair enough

You ever shat yourself because of Topics?

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you’re meant to eat the wax fyi

Nice edit, more personal

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its the human touch that makes this place what it is

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I haven’t.
I’ve only ever shat myself as an adult four times, which is a surprise really

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