For people who wanted to see my Japan photos



They’re here:

I’ll be adding more as the week goes along.


What holibobs you got upcoming? :monorail: :ship: :airplane:

Done some more.


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Just want to say thanks for sharing this - you’ve got some amazing stuff in there. Particularly the pumpkin sculpture above. Top work :slight_smile:


Are you familiar with the artist Yayoi Kusama? She does a lot of infinity mirror room installations with dots and these ceramic pumpkins of various sizes (this beach one was about 10 foot tall)


No, I’ll be honest, my knowledge of Japanese art & culture is pretty slim to say the least - aside from reading a few Japanese novels and watching a few Japanese movies (including a good number of Ghibli, of course), but I have always found there to be something quite fascinating about Japan and Japanese history. It’s a country I really want to learn more about and visit, one day.

Thanks for the link, I can explore whilst having my dinner :+1:


I saw this but when it was at the arts centre in Tokyo in March <3


There’s something weirdly erotic about this photo.


My friend I travelled with went to that exhibition too, but I didn’t get to go because I was ill that day.


“I like big pumpkins and I cannot lie”


I’ve got to say I didn’t really find Japan as weird as pop culture makes out. I think a lot of it is exaggeration/Orientalism.


YES. Worst place in Tokyo for me was Akihabara - absolutely filled with Americans dressed more weirdly than any Japanese person I saw in the whole of the city. Western fetishisation of Japan creeps me out.

I like your photos btw.


Yeah I didn’t bother to go there as I’m not bothered about manga/video games etc and I was laid out with a stinking cold for two of my four days in Tokyo. Anyone who goes to Tokyo expecting people in wall-to-wall costumes and dramatic fashions is gonna be pretty disappointed at the head to toe black everyone wears.

Like the exaggeration about “weird” vending machines. They all sell drinks! Perfectly normal soft drinks. Same with the combini shops/the snacks on offer there.


Maybe as well half the culture shock is just Americans being weird. Quiet polite people who take trains! Kids in school uniforms everywhere! Driving on the left! Taking your shoes off indoors! Whoah! I can’t take it!

(And most schools I saw didn’t even have the sailor suits, they just had school uniforms almost exactly like the UK)


Done a new one:


Done another:


Here’s the complete lot for the gawkers like @Witches and co, + a playlist of songs.


Only just found this thread as doing some Tokyo research but it is great, thanks.


I am going to Japan in February. Pretty excited. Any recommendations or advice welcomed.

I’ll have s read through your blog @_Em


Studio Ghibli museum! J will love it. You need to book online via a travel agency though. You can’t get tickets on the day normally because it sells out, and they don’t have a ticket website, because you can book via ticket vending machines in Lawson supermarkets within Japan. Which isn’t helpful if you’re not in Japan.