For sale: The Replacements - Dead Man's Pop Vinyl / CD boxset

Got sent two by the record label by mistake. Happy to accept around £40 +shipping for a DiSer.

Mint condition. Includes the whole new remixed ‘Don’t Tell a Soul’ on vinyl, with 4 CD’s worth of live tracks and rarities and a full colour booklet including the story of the record told by 'Mats biographer, Bob Mehr.

Happy to answer any further questions!

I had considered it but:

a) I had to pay a customs charge on it, so effectively it wasn’t free per se
b) It was horribly delayed getting to me in the first place
c) I wouldn’t even know where to send it back to, and I’d be out of pocket even more by having to send it back to the states

Owing to the price on Amazon, happy to accept a lower offer if anyone is interested. Only did a bit of research on ebay initially and they were going for 60-70 + shipping

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Hey buddy. You still have this or has it gone?

Still have it!

Cool. Will check with my friend, know he was after a copy. Ta

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