For some reason, I keep saying 'yes and ho' after most of these







People on this website are obsessed with people on Jobseekers’ Allowance


Dave, you stupid, stupid cunt.


My sister thinks this.

And said it to my face when I was on the dole and feeling depressed about job-hunting.

We don’t have a good relationship.


I think Dave might have done me, he’s got more like this.




He’s the hero we need


You’ve made a bunch of suncream scientists look like right dicks with this one, Jamie.


I’ve got a brother like this. narrow minded as fuck. some people, huh


yeah they did this during the Famine, made ppl in workhouses build walls for no reason. Insane.


‘It would encourage places to play straight and be another quirky of the game’ has absolutely done me.


Is that an idea or a rant, my lad?


Yes, I’ve always maintained that London should get more infrastructure than the rest of the country!


There seems to be a bit of a cricket obsession on this website.


I would vote for David Harkin