For some reason, I keep saying 'yes and ho' after most of these


She’s really het up about trying to look rich and posh but:

  1. My family (and her) isn’t posh and she ain’t fooling anyone
  2. She’s got loads of debt from keeping up with the joneses.



I must have missed the horrible stuff, though seeing some now. Thought it was just full hilarious speak ur branes ideas :frowning:


david is great

  1. weird behaviour. understand and embrace your roots. this ain’t the 50’s
  2. not uncommon at all. a real shame that people do this
  3. see you in a bit



I think she kind of is living in the 50s in her head. She massively looks down on anyone who isn’t married and heterosexual with kids. She used to be really snotty about divorced people and act like they had failed at life and were inferior. Of course until she got divorced and remarried, and it was never mentioned again.






Do you think this would work well with leaves on the street if they put some thicker bristles on it?



Do you think that John is David’s brother?



People I know and love actually think this. They actually think that people on benefits don’t deserve to buy alcohol.



same guy

perhaps yer man owen up thread and gary could join forces and propose that jobseekers should give their free labour and money they aren’t receiving in the first place to cover the costs required to deliver food to people who can afford takeaways but are unwilling to pay for delivery?


Luke is playing a blinder right up until the end:


You know guitars, that are like double guitars


yeah it’s a fairly common view, i think.