For the FAO of Aphextwinkletoes - '...I'm a renegade', your beloved Kate Tempest is doing a webchat on The Guardian right now




Some really inspirational back and forth.




She tells is like it is





was about to submit a question but took me too long to compose myself enough emotionally to be able to type


Everyone put your best sneering faces on now :smirk:


I hadn’t heard of her until that barleysugar thread a day or two back, and now she’s everywhere. What’s the deal here?



She’s a poet and rapper. Most people on here hold her in a sneering disdain because, ummmm, I’m still not sure, but someone will post the youtube link soon enough.


She’s the latest 6music approved white british urban act (i.e. complete shit)


Oh, I watched the video, it was abysmal.


Good, you’re all clued up then. There’s literally nothing else to her oeuvre.


Is her being white relevant?


Okay, well, carry on I suppose. But if someone like this comes along again I’d like to be in on it at the ground floor.


I regret making this thread to an extent. AFX, you always take criticism of her very well so I apologise if you feel like you have to constantly defend her against swathes of vitriol.


To her output and music, obviously not. To the amount she’s being championed by certain segments of the press & media, possibly


No, not at all! I would probably have missed the Q&A otherwise, so glad for the link. Still really don’t understand the level of ire directed towards her. I recall someone saying in a hip-hop thread on the old board that, if someone who loved rap but didn’t like Illmatic, they’d tell that person they were listening to it wrong. That’s kinda how I feel about Kate Tempest (not to the same degree obvs, but I do think she is brilliant lyrically). I just can’t understand why there’s such intense dislike.

I suspect that, per @Aggpass, it’s partly about her being championed by the media above what hip-hop connoisseurs deem to be better, more deserving artists, and that perhaps being linked (through no fault of her own) to her skin colour. Frankly, I think we should be celebrating a female rapper who is telling vivid stories of urban life and opening up the genre (through her crossover work as a poet) to people who otherwise wouldn’t engage in what, all of us here agree, is a fantastic genre of music.


That’s a fantastic answer. I think for many, myself included, it’s hard to get past that video we keep posting which is inane I know but people refuse to listen to artists based on their name alone (looking at you Car Seat Headrest) so I can kind of understand.


Just to note, not accusing @Aggpass or others of discrimination against her because of her gender. He and yer man @Antpocalypsenow do a much better job of championing female MCs (noname, in particular, this year) than most.