For the FAO of @ericthefourth - Thursday: The Evening

Whatchu up to pals? Gearing up for the Lionesses vs @aboynamedgoo


Yeah no shit DiS.


Going for our summer event this afternoon. It’s a picnic (plus ‘kickball’) on a field where you’re not allowed to consume food or drinks. Go figure.

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Evening J_I and AFX! I’m waiting to be interviewed on camera for an acquaintance’s Masters project. I don’t know why I agreed to this.

After that I’m going to smash some beers, listen to some really weird music and read about the Korean War. Hopefully might get to see the football too.

That… sounds… fun?

How’s it going over in San Fran lad? Jet lag balanced out yet?

Evening champ! Oooh what’s the interview all about?

I think it’s about music journalism in Ireland. I do a bit of writing and have played music in the country for years so maybe I’m a good interview subject? Fuck knows though.

Was just about to start one entitled ‘Evening thread! Evening thread! Evening thread’!’ which I guess will have wait for another day… Please feel free to use this highly imaginative title :neutral_face:

Anyway I’m off to swim a couple of lengths. Back in a bit :wave:



i’ve stuck on the first LOTR film. mainly because i couldn’t see anything else worth watching. four hours though… dunno if i can be doing with it

Oh mate you’re a natural choice I’d say, you’re always slapping the bass/hammering at the drums and talking about music far more than most on here. I always forget to mention but I still absolutely love that Not Earth record :+1:

I’ve trodden on your evening toes :worried:

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4 hours? Fucking hell.

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Big night tonight. Still working but keeping half an eye on #DENAUT.

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Thanks man! I appreciate it! Cool that you’re still enjoying the Not Earth album, new one coming by the end of October!

Oh sweet! Make sure you post it on here when it’s done :star_struck:

Evening. Sat outside my bootcamp class - would quite like to go home instead.

Fucking knackered. Got home from work at 3.30, and slept for about 3hrs. Just whacked a :pizza: in t’oven and drink a blood orange wheat :beer:. Probably gonna head to bed right early too.

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was initially gonna be healthy and go to the gym etc but instead I’m gonna go meet an ATD and drink beer and smoke weed


Hello eveningers. I’m going to eat some burgers and then maybe do something productive or maybe jump out of a window. Havent decided yet.


This a BMF thing laefs?