For the FAO of @ericthefourth - Thursday: The Evening

I had the Italian cured meats pizza from M&S tonight rich - salty/10.

just visited my dad in hospital. he had to have an emergency op on his head yesterday afternoon and was still in intensive care this morning. really scary few days. he’s all doped up and swaddled in bandages now

gonna get a bath then play some halo then drink a beer then sleep.

Gotta try to start going to bed earlier, been staying up until 2am most days just because I have no reason to get up early and it’s really getting to me now

shit man that’s heavy, is he doing ok - relatively speaking?


Pretty salty. I’ve got the salami Napoli diavola. Decent/10. And a bottle of prosecco, which I’ll save for tomorrow.

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hope shrewbie snr. is ok


Evening DiS.

Absolutely hanging.

Irn bru and footie.

Get to see ma and pops tomorrow though :slight_smile:

How did you guess??

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First one’s only one worth bothering with in my back on the menu imo humble

All good, pal! Slept through to 6:20 this morning so nearly on #westcoast time. Always good fun visiting the office and super helpful for a big project at work.
Also got a group of folks to come climbing yesterday evening which meant I could get the guns out :wink:

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Making bokkeumbap, having a stubby, watching the ladies

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Aye, the right to bare arms over there innit :wink:


he’s ok so far. really lucky he was in belgium and managed to get in surgery after seeing a GP the night before. it was for an infection he’d previously seen a doctor in england about and was still on a waiting list


Evening, this afternoon was not a good one - luckily I could vent frustrations to my councilor.

Had a pizza, got a beer and some tunes to calm down a bit. Need an early night as I’m at a team away day tomorrow.

Ooft Lionesses a goal down.

Home from work too late for the run I was going to do so did some more work and going to watch The Killing in a bit.

That’s a solid evening in there pal. Love the llama dress in the recent photo thread by the way, @casinobay needs to see that.

Thanks! My first llama dress. First of many, I hope.


had some fun singing radiohead and wilco in the bath.

singing is fun

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