"For the FAO of" General Notices Thread


@thewarn @JohnM @VincentAdultman @ma0sm
Unprompted, my daughter said she was excited for bedtime stories tonight.


Can’t believe you haven’t tagged the one person who’d care, wza chances of that happening?




Guys I can’t keep up with this @Jeremys_Iron @thewza sorry


@Antpocalypsenow @profk having a Chinotto and Campari (I know you don’t drink Tony but seem to recall you like Chinotto). Also just assume baby-palate man will be angered.

Also goes out to @plasticniki and apologies to all @moralNestléBoycottDiSers


That sounds incredible. I think you may be confusing me and antpoc on chinotto love though…


I guess we’ll see if he gets here!


I’m a Limonata man all the way mate.


Limonata, comin art ya?




Did she also make it sound like a question rather than a statement (you’re still in Australia, right)?


Is this the thread for linking the wrong people in your replies @1000YearBanFFS?


As a youngster, she has ample time to learn the error of her ways.

If, after a gentle series of reprogramming, she persists with this, and declares it “not that big OF A deal”, THEN you need to worry, because WE GOT a problem.

Best of luck. x


Meight, I am so annoyed for this. Sort it out.


Best *for luck



This are the sorts have threads that made me luv Drowned of Sound.


Keep reading the title as ‘general nonces’ which would’ve been a funnier thread tbh




Oh, where are you living now?