For the FAO of Manchester MME elite

any of you lot in the Northern quarter tomorrow/ saturday and fancy doing me a tiny favour?

what is it?

oh im working on saturday, i can’t sorry

it’s gonna sound really silly but I have tracks out on 2 different 12"s from tomorrow & Piccadily Records is one of the few shops that seems to be stocking both

basically I just want a pic of them in situ

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sorry chief, I’m working from WFH tomorrow

that would be great if you’re passing by - don’t need to make a special trip or owt


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If I’m in town on Sunday (which admittedl yis unlikely) ill do this for you :slight_smile:


& @incandenza

sweet lads, it’s these two

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might be in town on sat, if i am, i will

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lol Piccadilly will be wondering what’s going on with everyone :9


although idk where that midland ep would be, the enormous range of various dance music sub genre racks intimidate me so i go and look at the drone cds instead

can’t really help you with that I’m afraid. Stick it in the front window maybe?

there’s a good lad


Make sure it’s a moody selfie


Do it

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theyve chatted to me about cool stuff in there before, they know i know whats up (in my head they know)

last time i was in there the two of them behind the counter were talking about what was playing and going oh man that drummer is so tight! and i asked them what it was and they told me and i went that drumming man! and they were like no kidding! it was nice


cant remember what it was tho

brilliant :smiley:

I hope they’re not sold out by then

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MMEat? :open_mouth:

As in a week on Monday? That’s when I’m in London ffs :upside_down_face: