For the FAO of Manchester MME elite

Yeah I’m really busy with meetings and training people and stuff for the next couple of weeks which is why I’ve not posted to see if anyone wants to meat up or owt :scream:

Ach, often go into town with the little un on a friday, but can’t this week.

Hope some folks can oblige - if only to see what the picc rec staff make of these people who keep coming in, asking where the BITT eps are and then taking selfies with them.

Get them to put the records on in the store :+1:t3:


Did any of the MME manage to get along to Piccadilly ?

i did not, i went to a pottery shop in stockport instead :-1:

That would be tremendous :raised_hands:

You (& @andyvine) don’t need to feel bad for having other plans/ a life that doesn’t revolve around me y’know :^)

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