For the first time in my life I'm

Seeing more helicopters than planes.


What a boeing thread

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Quite the opposite, you chopper.

Unbelievably quiet up there

Seen one plane all week and that was a big RAF transporter doing ‘training’ of some sort

I’ve seen a couple all week and smaller ones at that and I live quite near to Europe’s largest private airport (I believe).

No helicopters, two planes noticed over the last couple days

On Thursday night’s Channel 4 News had a shot of the Shard lit up in blue from a helicopter, just after the 8 PM applause. I could see that helicopter in the distance.

Haven’t seen any helicopters or planes since.

1-0 helicopters

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Not so fast!

Just saw a propeller plane flying in a Southwesterly direction.


Always more likely to see a (police) helicopter round here, unfortunately.

And another one, going North.

2-1 to the planes.

Two more.

It might actually be the same plane circling over central London.

And now a proper plane overhead, seemingly on its way to Heathrow.

Yer man here, doing the old aerial photography, I believe.

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ever been in a helicopter

  • yes
  • no

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Think I would be quite scared when faced with the prospect of a chopper ride.

No, and I absolutely would refuse to unless I had no choice. It seems that if anything goes wrong with them you’re totally fucked.


I have seen a single chinook the last couple of days but I just spied this fucker

This bloody plane is going up and down over central London again.

How many photos does he need?

There was a massive search and rescue helicopter buzzing around last week. Turned out somebody had seen a log in the river and thought it was a person