For the love of christ


Please tell me how I can get rid of the side scrolling adverts everything I move my mouse on the screen.

Or can DiS block them? The main offender is the ‘Kobolds and Catacombs’ game ad




I’ve kind of blanked it out. Like a horse in a race wearing blinkers.


Me reading my favourite Weezer threads


Pretty sure if you do as they say and pre-purchase 50 packs for 44.99 then it goes away


apparently if you refresh the page a few times it’ll go away

otherwise… adblock, but then sean will cry himself to sleep


quite remarkable how jarring the ads still are

tried to read an old article on the main site at the weekend, but after refreshing four times, the background ad kept completely subsuming any text so gave up


Is the advert to blame for me being able to scroll only so far through a thread before everything just stops? I find that I have to click on the blue thing next to the number on the right and go to the very bottom and back up again.


It seems so, yeah


That Kobold one is actually making me feel carsick.


As if you’re not refreshing JUST to see the Kobolds & Catacombs ad, mate…