For theory geeks and NIN fans...

For anyone who wants to understand more theory and has an appropriate level of love for the works of NIN…

Just stumbled across this. She is a really good teacher and is working through the entire catalogue. You probably need a basic level.ofntheory going in (what is a scale, a third, a fifth, etc but not that much beyond those basics).

Thought it was good and worth sharing.


Thank you - will check this out too. I’m a little obsessed with the first three NIN albums. Lost my way after that but Pretty Hate Machine / Downward Spiral / The Fragile is almost unsurpassed (in my little world anyway)


I enjoyed that Le Mer video even though a lot of the theory went over my head. What it most certainly did was highlight why I’ve been such a fan of the song for the past 20 years.

Competing time signatures, lack of any clear key, littered with dissonance and sprinkled with elements from other songs from the album it appears on. That’s all catnip for me.

Will definitely check out that podcast too, looking at the archive there’s a lot of content I’d happily listen to there to check out.