For those of you who have created mega-reply threads


… such as the Brexit / Trump / cycling ones:

Have you muted replies so that you don’t get a notification every time someone replies to the thread? Or do you leave it as it is and bask in its popularity?



Bask, my friend, bask.


Yeah I’ve turned them off for the “Which tv show are you currently watching” thread at least. I love a good notification in general but it just becomes annoying, especially for a thread like that where you don’t really need to read every reply.


(I actually was interested in keeping up with all the Trump-chat, but it didn’t do much use for my productivity)


I watch for a little bit, change it to track when im bored of it


annoys me when people reply to my threads generally, hate feeling obliged to reply to their replies


Oh… :frowning:


do I have to reply to this?


And the most dis post of the day goes to…



No one is forcing you to :frowning: