For those of you who still use with Spotify

They’ve changed the way you scrobble across all devices with Spotify

You need to select ‘connect’ othewrise it’ll just show what you’re currently playing without actually scrobbling. On the plus side it means you dont need to set this up for every device anymore¬!


BTW you also need to disconnect from Last.Fm im spotify settings

Thanks for posting this. Dunno how I would’ve seen this otherwise since they’ve not emailed or anything. Last FM really dropped the ball at some point, huh?


When did this happen? Mine’s been working as normal as of the other night

Or is this on mobile only?

Oh wait you said all devices

Very good.

I can tell you that what I listened to this morning on my way to work scrobbled, but what I listened at about 11:30am didn’t.

i just spent the last 30 mins trying to make up my last few days’ listens. bit annoying but oh well.

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Last night. I noticed the problem and checked their twitter today

I received an email today… well over 24 hours after changing the way it works. This gem was in the email

“ Doing so will enable you to scrobble from any Spotify device, keep all of your favorite features up to date and of course not miss out on any scrobbles, because as you know… if it doesn’t scrobble, it doesn’t count :slight_smile:

Nice one

I got the email too, likewise after changing it.

I actually like the change; it was easy to implement, and now I’m scrobbling properly from my phone, which I couldn’t do before (probably my fault, but the new method is idiot proof, so I’m happy with it).


I think Spotify hasn’t been connected to Last.FM for me for maybe a year or something. I had to change my Last.FM password and it never seemed to work after that.

And now it works! :smiley:

Had trouble with scrobbling Spotify for ages, so intermittent

So this new connection is worth doing? Reliably scrobbling now??

Working great for me [add me if youse want]. If I listen to something on my phone while offline, it then scrobbles when I go onto Wifi.

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Getting pretty close to the big 300k guys!



Still can’t make it work ffs

Have you removed your details from the spotify settings in app?

Yup, it actually was working but has now stopped and an error message comes up when i go to the applications page

i took mine out then put them back in before i read ths thread. nnot taken them out and it’s been working fine for me. actually, tell a lie, it seemed to stop working an hour ago again

Mine seems to have stopped working this afternoon :clap:

yeah, just noticed mine had as of 4 hours ago. Apparently no scrobbles will be lost though…