For those who wanted a colouring book



This would be @plasticniki and @Fintans_Cat I guess. I finished and printed up the colouring book. It’s £2.70 inc UK postage (+free pack of crayons). (I also did a new zine about Mirena IUDs, but that’s probably only of interest to those with an operational uterus + there’s loads of back issues of zines about various topics)

All the info is here:





Looks great man, well done!


Thanks! I’ll post it out this evening. I’ve got sparkly gold envelopes too.


Is it meant to work in ms paint?


I think you need to upgrade to an MS Paint eye implant for the full experience.


Looks like it :frowning:


Also, you need to complete at least fours years undergrad at Art School to get a Drawing Licence, otherwise you might get a fine.


All I wanted to do was colour your drawings but ms paint doesnt let me :frowning:


I think you should send Bill Gates a sternly worded letter.


My dad loves stuff like this. He spends hours (normally with my 9 year old niece) doing stuff like this.

I’m going to order one for Christmas. Then again it’s my nieces birthday on Saturday.


Went to a zine fair on Saturday, and was staying up late last week to get the thing done and finished. Then didn’t sell a single colouring book, instead people bought back issues of zines I printed ages ago, so I could have relaxed really.

There was a bit at the end with some readings and the like, that I didn’t stay for (I’m really not a fan of that kind of thing). First up was this guy who was wearing a black suit with new balance trainers like something out of Seinfeld who had asked the host at the last moment if he could go on, and she said sure thing.

There were loads of kids in the audience, and he warned before hand that it “had some naughty words” and the parents were all, oh a bit of swearing doesn’t matter and then he read a “satirical” poem with a Theresa May sex scene with loads of really gross details.

The host only managed to come out with “well, that’s a sentiment” afterwards while almost no-one applauded, and quickly hustled him off the stage before he read anything else. And the guy who had to go on next to do a perfectly normal reading of some writing he’d done had this “oh shit what have I got myself into” look on his face.


Thanks! It has already been coloured by a 9 year old, who gave it her seal of approval.


Reminds me of when my granny wrote a novel with a typewriter. Then realised she’d like to move a bit a text around in the middle and bought a word processor under the mistaken belief it would do that for her :’(


When this preview popped up with the text “reminds me of when my granny wrote a novel” I initially thought it was in reply to the comment about the inappropriate Theresa May sex scene poem guy and I thought “whoah, what kind of racy novels is this nanna writing?”



he obviously thought a zine fair was the best place to test out his weird theresa may stand up material. baffling.


There’s always one at any kind of open mic type situation. It just baffles me that he thought it through enough to warn the kids, but not think it through enough to realise it wasn’t suitable in any way for an audience with kids at 6pm.


Posting out @penoid and @plasticniki 's orders now.


yay! :sparkling_heart: