Foraging 2018


Any big time foragers out there? I’m a foraging newbie :slight_smile:️ Went deep on elderflower last year. Made dressing, made syrup to put in things, then made jam with elderberries as they came through. I’ll put elderflower on anything. Picked some wild garlic walking home last night from my Usual Spot. What else can I forage? What you foraging? I Want to forage something Weird, take it up a notch.
foraging? Yes.


you can only forage complete essentials sorry


Pine nuts :wink:


blue hardback office depot books


foraged a couple people’s wallets this morning


Foragers from supermarket shelves are welcome in my thread. :+1:


Which public sexual activity is this a euphemism for again?


shrooms. yorkshire dales. they are there.


Got a lot of Hyrule herb.


Nigel forage


Quite scared I’ll end up in a daily mail article titled “stupid forager in Londom eats dodgy berries and dies”

If foraging from your own garden counts then crab apples, pears (although you have to cook them, they aren’t nice raw), sloe berries and blackberries. Our teacher in y5 took us out for a walk in geography one year and we foraged for elderberries - probably one of the best lessons I’ve ever had at school. Also the one where we grew our own cress. Basically anything where you get to eat but not cook tbh